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Why is the Master Programme For You?

Success Starts With The Decisions Made Yesterday!

Our ICA Master Programme is an amalgamation of all our major courses. This course designed to provide you with the tools and skills that will improve your personal and professional life. People from all walks of life have completed the programme and loved it! Ranging from business owners, entrepreneurs and business coaches to employees, retirees and people looking for their next journey in life.

Learning Outcomes

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Below you will find some key learning outcomes for our programme. Remember that everybody takes from the courses something different but it is important for you to decide in advance what it is that you personally want to get from the programme. Default Alt Tag for this page On successful completion of the ICA Master Programme, you will: Enjoy improved self-confidence and greater self-esteem thanks to the breaking down of self-limiting beliefs and the creation of a new self-concept. Possess improved communication skills due to an understanding of the six disastrous listening habits and the ability to put your point across clearly. Acknowledge different personality types and understand their associated coaching needs, both in and out of the workplace. Recognise the power of the subconscious mind and the impact of body language and dress in the workplace. Understand the fundamentals of psychology and how best to apply these to face-to-face and telephone coaching. You can also expect to reap many benefits, among them: Increased energy and an abundance of new-found motivation. An understanding of different personality types and how to motivate each type. Improved problem-solving techniques and greater assertiveness. Better negotiation, time-management and decision-making skills. An increased ability to delegate effectively in the workplace. An understanding of how to lead inspirationally while building a winning team.